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Bring your work to life through our printing services. We are your professional all-rounded printers with coverage on brochures through to bookmarks, business cards, and even postcards. What’s more is that we do copying as well, apart from web-to-print and data printing including online ordering.

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Document copies? Need Quick Prints?

How would you like your print-out? Colored or B/W? Your preferences are ours to serve, with a variety of options to pick from our comprehensive list. We’re here to serve with the requested number of copies or and quick prints as per your preference. We’ve got you!

No Design? No Problem Let Our Expert Designers Help You

Do not get worried if you lack a design idea. We have a galore of amazing new designs and expert designers who are always willing and ready to work their magic on your final project. With friendly prices, you may just bag your unique business cards and brochures among more in no time at all!

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What Our Customers Say

Alpha Color did an incredible job in creating our new marketing & sales pieces. Their prices are very competitive, and their quality is excellent.

Jessica Brown

Alpha Color has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide quality work at a competitive price. We can always rely on them to have our printing completed on time.

Alison Down

“Thank you for the excellent service on the brochure reprints and the new display posters. I really appreciate your fine quality, speed and low price.”

Mark Foster


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Your presentations, flyers and posters speak for you wherever they go and color makes you look like a pro.
It brings your ideas to life and underscores the quality of your products or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer and handle all kinds of printing, from brochures to posters and even newsletters. Our expertise stretches on to custom and beautiful designs for your business cards, banners, and even flyers. Want to take your business a notch higher? Why don’t you try us out today!

Digital printing is a professional kind of printing where print media is sourced and or created directly from digital images. High-volume printers are thus used to print these projects from digital sources like desktop publishing.

Once your print job is done, our customer service team will reach out to you through the contact you left as you placed the order and organize for either the shipping of your project to the provided address or your pickup from our workshop.

Definitely! We’re aware that you’d like to know and weigh the costs before you can finally let us handle your print job. Therefore, you can get a price quote for your preferred print service here.

Yes, we most definitely can and will. We are professional designers and printers of among many other things, newsletters, brochures, and even newsletters. We will guide you and help you make the right choice of design, apart from going ahead and designing the rest of the work for you! We’re confident that you will love it.

Yes, we can. Scanning is one among the jobs we do within a pretty short time because of not only the ease but also our level of experience. But this does not mean that we’ll do a shady job; definitely not! We shall have your originals scanned into electronic form in no time and, voila! There you have it, just how you wanted it.

It depends on the project. Considerations here will be the complexity of your project and the bulk. Simple projects required in fewer copies like the copy printing of a few pages may take the shortest time possible while larger projects like designing a brochure may take some time. Why don’t you reach out to us so that we can discuss the specifics of your project and reach an agreement on how long it should take us to have your final print?

We have unique business card designs like the foldable business card. We also have beautiful and amazing outlook designs which you can choose from.

Actually, we have several. Among them is doing a t-shirt, cap or mug print of your brand logo and tagline. We can also design awesome business cards which you’ll give to prospective clients. Why don’t you contact us today so that we can discuss this at length? We have several more ideas that you will definitely love!

We do, and there’s actually a 20% off offer currently on any order you make. This is in
celebration of our 25 years of service. Do you want to redeem your offer? Use the code “FIRST20” and enjoy 20% off your order!

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